What Employees Want – Perspective While Rebuilding and Reopening

What Employees Want

These are crazy and stressful times. As we look to the future during what could potentially be a long phase of rebuilding, restructuring, and reopening, it is time to start looking for those rock-solid team members who will be dedicated, loyal, professional, and uphold standards to solidify your brand. Sure, there are plenty of unemployed professionals seeking opportunities. Now is the time to ask yourself, “What do employees want? What are they looking for in a new position and company?” It is essential to stay in tune with and understand what the current employee is looking for, differentiating your ability to fill open positions vs. building an amazing team.


Each time a candidate is interviewed, we discuss what their priorities are in finding a perfect fit within a new organization. The number one response, overwhelmingly, is balance. Employees want to work hard at work and still have time to focus on family, loved ones, and life. Time to unwind and recharge. Time to find fulfillment and joy outside the four walls of the workspace. Time to work on a project or take up a hobby. Providing flexibility, developing an understanding of, and building an environment supporting a work-life balance attracts higher caliber candidates who are your most valuable asset.


Particularly through difficult and uncertain times, employees desire stability. Stability is defined differently by individuals — however, common threads exist that tie all definitions together. In the short term, stability equals financial stability — earning a fair wage for a job well-done, the ability to earn a competitive wage in the current market, and the desire to cover one’s bills while living comfortably and without worry. More than ever, employees need healthcare coverage at an affordable rate for themselves and their families. They like options rather than a one-size-fits-all plan. Future stability, as defined by job searchers, includes the ability to grow within the organization as the company grows and a solid retirement plan. Your future team members want to grow with you, stay with you, and have a feeling of security for what lies ahead.


Who doesn’t want a happy place in which they work? That seems relatively straightforward on the surface, but digging deeper, what does it really mean? A positive culture can mean a lot of things to a variety of people. When asked to define what a positive culture entails, the following are repeat contenders for what an employee wants:

  • Encouragement, praise, and honest feedback that goes both ways – your team is relying on you to engage in transparent communication, both positive and negative.
  • Everyone wants to feel they are contributing to the success of their group. Feeling a sense of purpose or making a difference is at the top of prospective employees’ lists.
  • Employees want to want to go to work every day — they desire a workplace that makes them happy. Joy in the workplace seems like a no-brainer, but every employer must understand that happiness is a factor that will retain a team or lose them to another organization.

As we collectively deal with a new set of dynamics in our work environments tomorrow, our understanding of what employees want must start today. Prospective candidates will be much more particular regarding opportunities and choices. Now is the time to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack, rise above, and focus on what employees want.

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