Industry Trends: How Accounting Recruiting Firms Are Changing the Way Businesses Find Talent

accounting recruiting firm

Accounting recruiting firms have assisted businesses for years. While their services aren’t new, they’re playing an ever-more critical role for companies in need of top finance and accounting professionals. Technology is changing at the speed of light, and specialized recruitment agencies are equipped to keep pace!

Here are a few ways accounting recruiting firms are changing how businesses find talent in the 2020s.

1. Accuracy

Businesses are having difficulty verifying the claims of accounting and finance professionals. And few things can harm a company more than an unqualified or dishonest hire. The internet allows for background checks and employment verification, but it also empowers unscrupulous candidates to exaggerate work histories and credentials.

Accounting recruiting firms employ candidate vetting advantages. First, they often have been working with the same candidates for years. So, they know their backgrounds first hand. Second, recruiting agencies invest in top-notch credentialing services and technologies that are far more robust than simple internet background-check websites.

2. Speed to Hire

With technology rapidly changing, it’s becoming difficult for non-recruiting businesses to secure top talent using only internal resources and HR teams. They’re at a considerable disadvantage.

Alternately, accounting recruiting firms focus on recruiting all day, every day. Plus, they’ve invested in technology and solutions that quickly identify top candidates. Recruiting firms use applicant tracking systems (ATS) that are managed by dedicated teams of professionals. This merger of technology and human expertise facilitates an efficient hiring pipeline that begins with identifying talent, continues with vetting and interviewing processes, and ends with onboarding and hiring.

3. Synching Technology

Leveraging the help of accounting recruiting firms makes sense since their technology solutions are now compatible with most clients’ existing vendor management systems (VMS). Agencies can seamlessly submit resumes for review and efficiently communicate candidate status without adding burdensome administrative tasks.

4. Employee Retention

Turnover is a big problem in today’s job market. Accounting and finance professionals have many opportunities, so some may jump ship. Accounting recruiting firms help mitigate this risk and resulting costs.

First, most agencies have guarantee policies that provide clients with a replacement hire or fee reimbursement in the event a recently placed worker quits or is terminated. Second, recruiting firms are motivated to vet candidates’ commitment thoroughly. After all, they’re at risk of wasting precious time and losing money if a new hire doesn’t work out!

5. Conclusion

It wouldn’t be fair to claim businesses can’t secure their accounting and finance professionals anymore. However, the cost of executing an effective search continues to rise. Ultimately, most companies can save time and money by outsourcing staffing activities to third-party accounting recruiting firms.

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