Becoming a Recruiter: Learn What a Proper Finance Recruiter Resume Looks Like

Finance Recruiter

Many finance professionals have worked with recruiters, as they’re often contacted by staffing agencies with job opportunities. Yet, some ambitious workers may wonder what it’s like to switch roles. Can someone with an established finance career create a compelling finance recruiter resume?

The truth is, a finance recruiter resume will attract positive attention if it blends industry experience and credentials with demonstrated intangible qualities needed for success in recruiting.

What Should You Include in your Finance Recruiter Resume?

1. Experience & Credentials

Finance or Accounting Background

Surprisingly, some finance recruiters haven’t worked in accounting or finance. Having the background automatically gives a candidate a leg up. Candidates should clearly state their related job history in reverse chronological order, starting with their most recent position and working backward.

Job Consistency

Candidates who have a steady job history should clearly highlight this attribute. Recruiting is a challenging business, so agencies seek employees who have demonstrated tenacity and an ability to stick things out.

Finance Education

A finance recruiter resume should clearly outline all relevant education. Perhaps a candidate never fully obtained an accounting or finance-related B.A./B.S. but did declare a minor. The hiring process is always subjective. So, prospects should not sell their education short.

Management or Leadership Roles

People sometimes forget management and leadership can take many forms. While official titles are great, many candidates have less formal experience that’s still valuable to hiring managers. Recruiting agencies seek leaders, since success requires self-motivation and personal accountability.

2. Intangible Traits & Sales Ability


A successful finance recruiter resume must somehow find a way to highlight communication skills. The job is largely a sales role. People who are able to engage candidates over the phone and generate interest usually excel. Resume details should include prior positions in customer service, sales, retail, and hospitality. The sky’s the limit for top performers, but only motivated workers will succeed. A resume that shows prior sales experience will press the right buttons.


Professional recruiting is challenging in all forms and all industries. An effective resume must show the candidate is resilient. Prior jobs that are known for being difficult should be highlighted. Examples may range from working at a rental car agency to interning at a Big 4 accounting firm!

Creative Problem Solver

Many jobs claim to require creative problem solving, but recruiting truly does demand outside-the-box thinking! Recruiters solve puzzles every day by matching candidates with jobs.

Have a Finance Recruiter Resume and Looking for A Job?

Finance and accounting recruiting can be an incredibly rewarding profession. A properly focused finance recruiter resume can help a prospect stand out from the crowd and secure an interview!

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