Want to Work With Hospitality Headhunters? 5 LinkedIn Tips That Will Make All the Difference

Hospitality Headhunters

As we charge full speed into the 2020s, social media is now widely used by people of all ages. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are embraced by Fortune 500 companies, politicians, celebrities, and even grandparents! But surprisingly, one of the most valuable resources for jobseekers remains largely underutilized.

LinkedIn has been around for many years and is a subsidiary of technology giant, Microsoft. However, many otherwise-savvy professionals still fail to leverage the powerful tool. Facebook may be more “fun,” but career-minded folks are wise to prioritize LinkedIn.

Here are 5 LinkedIn tips that can help candidates seeking to attract the attention of top hospitality headhunters.

1. Update Your Profile

Some workers create LinkedIn profiles at the request of new employers and then let them sit dormant thereafter. But careers evolve over the years. An outdated profile is actually worse than no profile since it inaccurately reflects one’s current job status!

Hospitality headhunters may come across a prospect’s profile only to determine the worker lacks the necessary skills and experience. But what if that person DOES meet the qualifications? Perhaps their job history is simply incomplete or inaccurate. Recruiters often scour the platform using keyword search criteria, which means more work history translates into more “matches.”

2. Grow Your Network

The power of social media results from simple mathematics. “Networks” have an exponential reach, and each new “connection” yields many more second-degree “views.” Simply put, a robust LinkedIn network positions job seekers for success!

Most LinkedIn users are receptive to legitimate connection requests. People should be polite and use common sense when engaging in outreach efforts. However, reasonable solicitation is appropriate and expected. Typically, the average LinkedIn user can use “mutual” connections as a tactful way to approach prospects.

3. Secure “Endorsements” & “Recommendations”

LinkedIn basically has two ways that users can vouch for the credibility of others. “Endorsements” are the softer version. Coworkers and past colleagues can simply click an “endorse” button relating to a variety of skill sets like marketing, customer service, and hospitality.

“Recommendations” require more active efforts. With these, people can write a unique summary of their experience relating to a prior coworker or colleague. Needless to say, “recommendations” are tougher to secure but carry more weight when viewed by hospitality headhunters.

4. Join “Groups”

Many professionals don’t realize LinkedIn has a variety of industry-related “groups.” These communities are terrific for networking and often attract hospitality headhunters seeking new talent. Group memberships can also add credibility to one’s professional background.

People looking to promote their “personal brand” should actively post and engage with LinkedIn groups. It’s very simple to share an industry-related news article or comment in a discussion. And recruiters view a candidate’s group engagement as a sign of professional knowledge and passion!

5. Adjust Your Profile “Settings”

LinkedIn settings have evolved over the years and are now quite sophisticated. Users have tremendous power over their privacy and visibility within search functions. But exposure is a two-way street.

Folks looking to attract the attention of hospitality headhunters should apply liberal search settings. Users can even specifically select an option that informs recruiters of one’s interest in “new opportunities.”

Ultimately, a successful job search requires both active and passive efforts. And an updated LinkedIn profile is one of the easiest ways to passively attract attention from hospitality headhunters. There’s simply no good reason to ignore a free and beneficial tool!

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