How to Get Hired! 4 Soft Skills That Everyone Can Improve Today

How to get hired soft skills

Pondering how to get hired? Many people don’t know this unspoken secret in the recruiting industry: Often, the best candidate won’t land the job. They’ll usually secure an interview based on their résumé, experience, and education. However, another applicant will likely win-out once the interviews are completed. This revelation likely comes as a surprise to job seekers wondering how to get hired!

Although the logic sounds counterintuitive, it’s really a function of simple math. It’s quite unusual to have a perfect storm in which the most qualified person (on paper) is also the most charismatic, self-aware, and likable. In other words, “soft skills” matter!

Here Are Four Soft Skills That Are Most Sought After by Recruiters and Managers!


Employers frequently cite strong communication skills as a highly desired trait among job candidates. However, communication isn’t a natural ability for most folks but rather a learned art-form.

The good news is anybody can improve their skills. Strong communication primarily stems from listening—not talking. The key is to ask questions and listen closely. That alone will convince most interviewers that a candidate is a good communicator.


In addition to communicating well, job seekers are wise to develop the soft skill of “empathy.” People often confuse sympathy with empathy, but the distinction is important. The former is the act of trying to understand one’s dilemma or situation, while the latter is the ability to actually feel one’s pain.

Simply put, a candidate demonstrates empathy by relating to the interviewer’s concerns. This is why the aforementioned listening is so critical. In order to address somebody’s concerns, one must first understand them. That person can then show he feels the pain by summarizing them and responding with possible solutions.


Confidence is another characteristic often presumed to be innate or natural. But the truth is, many people actively work to develop it. Anybody can learn to present as “confident” through practice and training.

Confidence sends a message of credibility, making it important during job interviews. A résumé may suggest a certain candidate is highly qualified, but interviewers are skeptical when somebody’s physical presence doesn’t match the claims on paper.

There are entire courses on ways to behave confidently, but easy tricks include talking louder than normal and sitting/standing with upright posture. Human beings are very perceptive to body language, and confidence is largely portrayed through subtle physical cues. Confidence is key when learning how to get hiredplain and simple.


Many job seekers view integrity as a mere synonym of honesty. The idea is someone has integrity if she doesn’t cheat, lie, or steal. But the trait actually extends to more subtle actions and character traits that manifest during job interviews.

Candidates can demonstrate integrity by addressing questions politely, yet candidly. When asked about a prior company’s leadership, a strong applicant will usually praise his former manager. But he’ll also address challenges and sticking points in the operation. A frank and insightful response suggests the candidate has the integrity to speak up when things need to be fixed.


At the end of the day, people looking to get hired must remember they’re more than just the sum of their résumés. Soft skills will always separate certain candidates from the rest of the pack during job interviews. Fortunately, they can be learned with a bit of practice!

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