When to Outsource: The Value of Engineering Staffing Agencies to the Bottom Line

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Some people think the term “outsourcing” has a negative connotation. However, the practice can be an ethical, efficient, and critical component of company recruiting strategies. This is particularly true for engineering staffing agencies.

The job market is very hot right now, and many organizations are having trouble keeping up with their labor needs. Most top-quality candidates are gainfully employed already, and the few seeking new opportunities are in high demand.

Here Are Some Ways Engineering Staffing Agencies Can Contribute to Company Success:

Engineering Staffing Agencies Provide Return on Investment

First, employers should know that effective engineering staffing agencies yield a tremendous return on investment (ROI). The best ones charge reasonable fees and provide guarantees that mitigate the risks of making a bad hire. In fact, many companies are surprised at the value when they weigh costs against their own HR and internal recruiting expenditures.

Online job board services and advertisements cost money and may not lead to a successful hire. Also, outsourced firms are very motivated to produce results since their paycheck is contingent upon conducting a successful search.

Specialization & Economies of Scale

Engineering staffing agencies have databases full of industry-specific job seekers and the resources to identify exceptional talent quickly. The firms are free of outside distractions and may even be conducting concurrent searches for other clients that generate additional candidates.

While it’s true that large companies may have their own robust HR and recruiting teams, most organizations can’t compete with the dedicated efforts of specialized agencies. Finding and screening top-notch engineering candidates is their full-time job, and they’re very good at it!

Opportunity Cost (Project Delays & Missed Deadlines)

In a perfect world, companies accurately predict future labor needs and make well-planned hires. But in reality, most staffing campaigns stem from unplanned turnover and urgent demand. Engineering projects often include hard-set deadlines, and the costs of staff-related delays can well exceed outsourced recruiting fees.

There’s nothing wrong with organizations attempting to fill roles using in-house resources. But, as the saying goes, it’s not smart to be “penny wise and pound foolish.” Engineering staffing agencies provide exceptional value for companies juggling multiple projects and tight schedules.


Some company owners are reluctant to outsource candidate recruiting effort; however, their reluctance can be unfounded. Quality engineering staffing agencies provide tremendous value for most organizations and present little risk with contingency agreements. There’s no need for leaders to limit their resources!

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