Exploring the Best Jobs That Require a Hospitality Degree

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The economy is doing quite well these days. That’s great news for most workers, but it’s especially positive for folks with a hospitality degree. Restaurants and hotels are hiring like crazy, and having the right education can really open doors!

Recent graduates and prospective hospitality degree students should research the following job sectors to chart great career paths:

Private Club Management

Some readers may not be familiar with “private clubs.” These are hospitality services that cater to affluent clients and are most commonly associated with golf clubs and country clubs. However, they can take other forms too, including swim clubs and other niche offerings.

Private club management is a great career aspiration for someone with a hospitality degree for a couple of reasons. First, the position can be highly lucrative. Private clubs expect top-notch talent and pay accordingly. Second, the role carries a certain air of prestige that helps add to job satisfaction. After all, everyone wants to be proud of where they work!

Hotel Management

Unlike private clubs, hotels form a considerable chunk of the hospitality industry worldwide. Hotel management opportunities abound for a person with a hospitality degree, since there are simply so many companies and locations. A hospitality professional with the right education and experience can essentially live anywhere in the world.

Hotel management is also excellent for folks who have (or seek) a hospitality degree, as it provides a broad range of industry experience. A hotel manager will most likely gain exposure to fine dining, food service, recreation services, spa services, and more. Hospitality professionals can use this broad background to further explore a niche position if desired.

Restaurant Management

Like hotels, restaurant management opportunities are in abundance for candidates with a hospitality degree. In fact, they are even more common than in hotel management positions. While it’s good for recent graduates to get their feet wet at any restaurant, it’s also essential they don’t undervalue their degrees. Ideally, graduates will try to land a position at a larger corporation.

Big restaurant organizations are great for hospitality managers, as they provide world-class training and focus heavily on “best practices.” These opportunities are particularly beneficial to recent college graduates. Such experience can add instant credibility to one’s resume and open many doors.

Catering & Special Events

Like private club management, professionals with a hospitality degree can also explore a more niche career in catering or special events. These opportunities are often in large metropolitan areas and can be very exciting for young professionals. The entertainment industry in Los Angeles, for example, supports many catering and special-event companies that focus on celebrity accommodation and services for movie studios.


Really, the idea of a “best job” is always going to be subjective. Some people with a hospitality degree will aspire to restaurant or hotel management, while others may take a different path. The important thing to remember is there are many options, and people should always play to their strengths. It’s hard to go wrong with any hospitality career path once someone has the proper education!

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