How to Be Your Accounting and Finance Recruiter’s Dream Candidate

Accounting Recruiter

It’s been said that the majority of people fall into a bell curve for pretty much any category. Whether this is intelligence or height, “average” is average for a reason. When it comes to accounting and finance careers, those who excel beyond the norm obviously have an advantage. And while acumen, experience, and credentials are helpful, there are other ways to stand out from the crowd.

Consider These Five Techniques to Gain Favorable Attention From Your Accounting and Finance Recruiter:

  • Be Unforgettable 

    Accounting and finance recruiters speak to hundreds of job seekers every month. Many candidates are forgotten, and get lost in the mix. Some are memorable for the wrong reasons, and that’s obviously not a good thing! However, others stand out in positive ways.

  • Stay Positive 

    It’s easy for a job applicant to be positive when things are going well, but it’s just as easy for their attitude to turn sour when confronted with rejection. Accounting and finance recruiters appreciate candidates who always stay positive. Candidates should be reminded to turn up the charm even when the going gets tough. Tenacity shows the kind of character that is rewarded by recruiters with future job submittals and priority consideration.

  • Over-Communicate 

    In the world of recruiting, it’s almost impossible to over-communicate. “Over-communicate” doesn’t mean “pester,” however. Strong communication is exemplified by accounting and finance candidates who inform their recruiter of other job opportunities or changes in availability. Nothing annoys a recruiter more than an applicant who takes another job without providing an update. As for “pestering,” that typically happens when a candidate calls their recruiter several times a day to ask about the status of a job.

  • Remain Reliable 

    This should go without saying, but smart accounting candidates commit to 100% reliability. Whether a phone screening or face-to-face interview with C-suite executives, applicants are expected to be on time and ready for business. Most recruiters don’t give unreliable candidates a second chance.

  • Say “Yes” 

    Obviously, not every opportunity is the right fit. Sometimes a finance recruiter may check a candidates’ interest on a job that is completely outside your skill set or interests. However, it’s important that candidates say “yes” more than they say “no.”

Candidates should ideally accept interviews for all accounting and finance jobs of possible interest. Even if the position seems lofty, taking advantage of these opportunities lets the recruiter know that the job seeker has an open mind. Candidates who decline every interview eventually stop receiving calls.

Ultimately, recruiters can be a great resource for accounting and finance professionals. Just remember that they work with hundreds of candidates, and only the most memorable will stay top-of-mind. Job seekers who achieve such status will be blessed with multiple career opportunities!

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