Is Your Hotel’s Operation Utilizing Technology Properly?

hotel technology

There was a time when the hotel industry was slow to adopt technology. However, in 2019 those days are long gone. Technology is now an integral part of the hospitality business model with uses ranging from Property Management Systems (PMS) to high-speed WiFi connections.

Hotel leadership teams must always look toward the future in order to remain competitive. Today’s hospitality technology should be viewed from two primary angles. The first being geared toward the guest. The second concerns innovation designed to benefit hotel operations.

Let’s explore some of the latest hotel technologies from both guest and management perspectives.

Guest-Oriented Technology


Although wireless internet services are provided by most hotels around the world, slow connections are typical. Now may be the time to upgrade your WiFi. Many guests require fully operational remote offices while traveling and expect internet connections that support those activities.

Charging Stations & USB Outlets

Many hotel rooms lack adequate electrical outlets for today’s vast array of modern technology. Guests now travel with multiple computer-based devices, including notebooks, tablets, and smartphones. USB is the preferred charging method for most modern devices, so update rooms accordingly.

Smart Home Innovation

The convenience of mobile-controlled HVAC, lighting, and television are now commonplace in residences thanks to “smart home” technology. Hotels have been slow to implement these innovations in their rooms, but it’s worth serious consideration. Many “smart rooms” can improve guest experience while lowering overall utility costs.

Hotel Operations Technology

Property Management Systems

Today’s PMS systems do far more than simply track room bookings. New PMS solutions can also streamline your hotel business in other ways. Some improve operational efficiency, while others generate revenue.

Reduce front desk labor costs by implementing phone-based “smart keys” and mobile check-in/check-out. Further utilize your PMS through automated marketing and upsell technology. Even housekeeping and maintenance can go high-tech with real-time room status updates via mobile devices!

Staffing & VMS Solutions

Although there is sometimes overlap with PMS functions, good staffing and vendor management software (VMS) will integrate seamlessly. It can also be of particular benefit to larger hotel operations. Turnover is high in the hospitality industry, so it’s important to exploit every possible advantage.

Eco-Friendly Showers & HVAC

Implementing the latest conservation-focused technology has many benefits. First, it lowers operational costs. Second, it helps the environment by reducing waste. However, the third advantage may be the icing on the cake. Hotels that implement eco-friendly technology benefit from “green” marketing campaigns that attract guests.

As a hotelier or hospitality executive, you may think your operational systems are well-refined. And, that may be true. However, forward-thinking business leaders should still explore the latest technologies in order to keep an edge on the competition.

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