Top Methods for Retaining a Successful Hotel Manager 

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Competent, successful hotel managers are a true blessing! They serve as the cornerstone to a prosperous business and must be valued as irreplaceable assets. However, a successful hotel manager is also in high demand by others. Your competitors appreciate their value too, and will try to woo them with enticing employment offers.  

This double-edged sword begs the question, “How can successful hoteliers and leadership teams retain top performers in a competitive employee’s market?” Consider these best practices to optimize your chances.

Retain a Successful Hotel Manager with Team Culture  

A company’s culture is fostered from the top down. Leaders set the tone by example, and the staff on the ground-level further defines it. When hotel owners and executives institute open-door policies that encourage honest communication and feedback, the entire company culture improves. As Steve Jobs famously said, “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” 


Hotel management is a demanding job that often requires working long hours. Schedules may even include evenings, weekends, and holidays. Remember that your valued managers have voluntarily decided to work in hospitality rather than sitting in a nine-to-five office job.  

Offer rotating schedules that alternate days off, so that managers can take occasional breaks on weekends or holidays. Implement a generous PTO policy. This will reduce stress levels during times of personal emergencies and also encourage rest and relaxation. Studies show that well-rested managers perform better in the long-run and are less likely to leave for “greener pastures.”  


Different employees are motivated by different incentives. Some people value increased pay and bonuses, while others prefer ancillary perks. Financial rewards are fairly straightforward, but other incentives take a bit of creativity. 

Perks may involve increased PTO. Perhaps a great hotel manager is motivated by the status of driving a nice car. In that case, why not lease the employee a company car? The investment could prove nominal once the numbers are crunched. Think outside of the box!  

All incentives should be designed to facilitate employee loyalty. In other words, distribute them over an agreed-to period. Usually, bonus periods are structured to encourage both goal attainment and tenure.  

Career Development  

Great hotel managers are people who see the “big picture.” Ensure that your hospitality company is part of their vision by helping to develop their career. Top performers feel stifled when they stop learning new skills. If a successful general manager shows an interest in working at a higher corporate level, nurture that dream.  

Keep It All in Perspective 

If you’re worried about losing a great hotel manager to the competition, then consider yourself lucky. Although a scary proposition, there are worse problems that an owner or hospitality leader can face. Just remember to take a few extra steps to ensure your top performers are satisfied at work. It is well worth the effort and will pay off in spades. 

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