Recruiting During the Holidays: 4 Reasons Why It Is Important 

hiring during the holidays

Why recruit during the holidays 

Recruiting during the holidays seems like it would be a losing battle, but it’s not. For many organizations, Thanksgiving through New Year’s marks the beginning of a specific period of business. Companies are deeply involved in the end-of-year wrap-up, including planning for next year, staff performance appraisals, and, yes, recruiting. 

That’s right—recruiting in the midst of the holidays! 

Do employers freeze a job search or recruiting process between Thanksgiving and New Year’s? A few may postpone the search, but most want to press on during the holidays. They don’t want to wait until January to try to fill open positions. Often, the goal is to get the role filled and set the hiring date for January 1. 

4 reasons why companies should be recruiting during the holidays  

There’s a multitude of benefits for dynamic businesses to keep the recruiting in full force between Thanksgiving and New Year’s: 

  1. Beginning a new project in January requires you to have employees in place on the first of the year. Having a ready-to-go team in early January means shortening the lead time for project startup, fewer delays, and more efficiency for your company. 
  2. The end of the year is a time some workers use to reflect on their career status. This time of contemplation makes them more open-minded to exploring career or job changes. With New Year’s around the corner, many individuals are open to the idea of a ‘new’ beginning. 
  3. Sometimes the unemployed put off their job searches until after the end of the year. However, those who show assertion and ambition with their job search during the holidays, exhibit signs of a solid work ethic and the desire to work through difficult times – both highly desirable traits. 
  4. Many employees need to make use of their personal days by year-end, or they will lose them. So, taking a day off to interview during the holidays is not a big red flag to employers. The candidates you are interested in hiring may be more at ease taking time off when no one expects that they are seeking a new opportunity. 

How to recruit during the holidays 

Regardless of whether you do hire a new team member during the holidays, completing the necessary groundwork for the position makes filling requisitions go more smoothly. Establishing an approach for recruiting, clearly defining the open positions, and developing a profile of the perfect candidates will help you get the results you want. With a little forethought and the ambition to recruit during the holidays, you’re sure to enter into the New Year with a top-notch team.

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