Hospitality Recruiters Proudly Hire Veterans

hospitality recruiters hire veterans

Goodwin Recruiting is proud of our 20 years as hospitality recruiters. We are even more proud of the selfless service that many US Veterans give to our country. At Goodwin Recruiting, we believe in giving veterans strong consideration for the roles that we have to offer on a daily basis.

Hospitality Recruiters make a Difference for Veterans

At Goodwin Recruiting, we believe it is important to serve those who serve their country. That is why we give those who have served in the military a considerable review when we see their applications for positions we are working to fill.

Reasons for Hiring Veterans

There are dozens of brilliant reasons to hire veterans. Here are just the top five.


Veterans are trained to lead people. Through a strong hierarchical system, the military builds strong leaders from day one. Military personnel learn about great leadership by watching their leaders and advancing through the ranks. They understand the practical ways to lead teams for results even in the most trying of circumstances.  They also learn to be peer leaders through their squads.


Nobody knows the value and importance of teamwork better than a veteran. Military personnel’s lives literally depend upon their teammates being there when they need them. The importance of this is engrained into the very core of their being through training and experience.


Veterans place the highest of value on being honorable in all they do. They are honest and trustworthy. They often have security clearances that are difficult to attain. Veterans believe in the value of doing the right thing.

Respect for the Rules

Veterans innately know the value of following the rules. Rules can be the difference between life and death in the military, for them and their teammates. Military personnel do not take rules lightly. They do not cut corners. Veterans do things the right way, or they don’t do them at all. They know what it means to provide an honest day’s work.


Veterans are incredibly fast learners. They know how important it is to adapt new procedures quickly under difficult circumstances and have no issue with doing so. They are adaptable to change at a moment’s notice and can switch focus rapidly. This translates to higher productivity levels where and when you need them.

This list could go on for pages. Clearly, veterans bring a lot to the table as employees, teammates, and team leaders. We are proud of our military and thank them all for their service. Helping veterans find employment after serving their country is one of the joys of being in recruiting. We treasure the opportunity to make a difference for those who have sacrificed so much for our country.

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