Interviews: Making A Solid Impression

Employers meet and interview all types of candidate when trying to fill an open job position. More times than not, the majority of interviews that take place fall into the plain old status quo. Here’s some tips to really stand out from crowd in the mind of an employer:

Firm Handshake

First and foremost, greeting your interviewer with a firm handshake is a great way to pave the path for a successful interview. This simple act displays your confidence and how serious you are about the interview.


Selling yourself with positivity and nice posture will bring you a long way during a job interview. An interviewer will feel more of a connection with a candidate who is engaged and smiles throughout the interaction. A smile costs nothing, but it pays off in the end!


Make yourself stand out by telling a story that reflects your skills and experience. When asked a tough question, reply with a story about overcoming a challenge or achieving a goal. Before going into the interview, reflect on some of your greatest accomplishments. Something like this could be training all year for a marathon and then finishing with a time that was better than expected. Make your story memorable and something that identifies with the type of worker you are.

Show Restraint

Yes, it’s a good idea to be conversational and create a connection with your interviewer, but it’s also good to approach the conversation with caution. Try not to spill too much information on your first interaction that could possibly ruin your chances at getting the job. Avoid badmouthing previous employers, or mentioning that you need a vacation soon. Also try to avoid mentioning part time jobs or career aspirations that don’t align with the job you are interviewing for. Employers want someone with a positive demeanor, and someone who sees a future in the company!

Follow Up

A simple thank you will go a long way after an interview. In order to stand out to your interviewer, it is crucial to follow up with an email thanking them for their time. Also in the email, you should say that you want the position and that you are looking forward to hearing back about the job. Let them know you will follow up within the next week if you do not hear back about the position.