Pretzel Bell Comes Back to Ann Arbor

As an effort to bring back a significant piece of University of Michigan history, Pretzel Bell will be making a long-awaited comeback on April 14th. With the help of the university’s alumni, athletes, and restaurateurs Jon Carlson, Greg Lobdell, and Chet Czaplicka, the team hopes to restore a beloved part of University of Michigan’s college experience.

Pretzel Bell first opened its restaurant doors in 1934, but unfortunately closed down in 1985. Now more than thirty years later, Pretzel Bell hopes to bring the same energy to Ann Arbor as it did in past decades.

Guests will be delighted when they walk into the 8,000 square foot restaurant, with an upper-level dining room and a sports bar in the basement. The décor of the eatery will bring out the spirit and nostalgia of any University of Michigan sports fan. Pretzel Bell plans to offer modern dishes with a “throwback” vibe. They will also serve up craft and domestic beer, craft cocktails, and wine.