Specific Qualities to Help Your Resume Stand Out

In order to stand out to an employer among an overwhelmingly large stack of similarly formatted resumes, you’re going to need valuable assets to make your credentials pop. This doesn’t mean including empty adjectives such as goal-oriented or hardworking that aren’t backed up by evidence of your success. To stand out, one must focus on the substantial values attained from a previous job or experience, whether it’s an internship with a well-known company or a job at your local grocery store. These simple, yet, imperative values from Forbes are most likely what an employer looks for in a standout applicant:

  • Team: Teamwork is great, and any mention of working well among a group of people is a gold star to an employer. With teamwork, it is also important to mention how well you completed your own individual tasks within the team. If you had superb individual results among a large group, or even managed a group, this something to highlight in your resume and interview.
  • Budget: Any kind of budgeting experience is valuable especially if it was to fund your own personal project.
  • Reach: Making known to an employer the number of people who are affected by your work is important. This might include how many people have read an article you’ve written, or how many people attended a business event you coordinated.
  • Growth: A vital element when seeking a job is pointing out how much you have grown in your previous job. It is important to elaborate on the specifics of your achievements and increased responsibilities.
  • Time Spent: Stating how long you spent with a particular company, or in an important position such as a manager is great to mention. Employers like to know you are reliable and determined. Also, if you were able to complete a tricky project in a short period of time this is also valuable for an employer to hear.
  • Range of Experience: Highlighting the various experiences you have accumulated throughout your life is totally worth mentioning. Different industries you have dabbled in, countries you have traveled or studied in, different courses you have taken. These are all important to note because employers are always looking for well-rounded candidates with a lot of knowledge to offer.